We are happy to help with your referrals.

Thank you for considering Da Cruz - Sommers to assist your client or referral. When you refer to us, please know that we keep two things top of mind: the best interests of the client, and your reputation.


We understand that when we receive a referral, how we handle that person or company is a direct reflection on the referring lawyer, which we consider to be a special trust.

As a litigation firm we are particularly suited to assist clients who have interests across several areas of law.

Please contact us at with any questions or referrals you may have, including our policy on what we pay for referral fees, and we will be delighted to assist.

What we can do for you: 

1. We can handle your trial from start to finish. 

2. We can review or work as a trial counsel in the background and draft briefs.

3. Use our expertise in mediation and arbitration to provide alternative dispute resolution options for your clients. 

A special note for civil litigators:

At Da Cruz - Sommers, we pride ourselves on having significantly more trial and contested hearing experience than most other lawyers. As all of our barristers are expected to do a certain amount of criminal defence work in addition to our civil litigation matters, we have all done dozens if not hundreds of bench and jury trials, and many hundreds of contested bail hearings and motions. As a result, many lawyers and firms hire us to step in as trial counsel when a matter won’t settle. Please consider us to assist you with your motions and trials.

How can we help you?