Any breakdown in family and romantic relationships can be difficult to handle at the best of times.


It is especially difficult when there are children involved. However, these situations are unfortunately a part of life for many of us.


At Da Cruz Sommers LLP we understand what you are going through.


Our goal is to take the stress of handling the intricacies of, and navigating through, the family legal system off of your shoulders. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced family lawyers are resolute in achieving the best result for your particular situation.

Our bedside manner engenders an environment that promotes respect and dignity so you never feel embarrassed or abandoned.


We are here for you. 

Like other areas that we practise, family law matters can benefit from negotiation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, but sometimes avoiding a trial is impossible.


What makes us stand out is that we have the trial experience.


Trial experience does not mean that we push every matter to trial. Quite the contrary. Our trial experience in family law allows us to better gauge individual circumstances and their respective trial prospects so that we can be more effective and more cost-effective in negotiating an out-of-court resolution of your dispute.

Our breadth of experience in family law spans everything from separation and divorce to access and custody, and everything in between.


We use sophisticated legal tools to be more effective at lower cost to the client. This is particularly helpful when drafting various legal forms. 

Consistent with our core values, the lawyers at Da Cruz Sommers LLP champion the rights of our clients, particularly fathers who are traditionally marginalized in the family law system.


We believe that children require both parents in their lives. Various myths and stereotypes contribute to the inequities faced by fathers and we work to break down those barriers so that the relationship between the child(ren) and parents can flourish.

The end of a relationship, or navigating one which has already ended, can be extremely hurtful and difficult.


With the law being a blunt instrument to resolve disputes and when emotions run high, you need a law firm which understands the importance of minimizing conflict between you and your ex, but which knows when to fight for you.


We are that firm.

Disputes between former partners can bring about feelings of uncertainty, shame, anxiety, and confusion, amongst many others.

Family law disputes can result in onerous financial orders from the Courts, losing one’s home, losing access and decision-making authority over one’s children, and impact your current or prospective employment ambitions, amongst many others.

We know how stressful this can be for you, and we take great pride in approaching family law issues with empathy, attentiveness, and a conciliatory attitude toward opposing counsel.


While we ensure that your desires and interests are always protected and top of mind, we approach disputes in a way to achieve an outcome that reduces conflict, and cost. We will ensure disclosure is complete, carefully review it with a view to identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the case against you, and identifying any and all avenues available for you achieve your goals.


With decades of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that we will be there to protect your vital interests along the way.

Our prowess in family law work is such that other family lawyers regularly refer their cases to us. We have successfully handled the entire spectrum of such cases, from those as serious as child abduction, all the way to simple custody agreements.


Our military experience, coupled with our litigation know-how, makes us formidable opponents if matters proceed to trial, and we will always put your best foot forward and be in your corner throughout the entire process. 

Our expertise is further complemented by our appeals experience at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. 

We have multiple locations throughout the area to serve you, and we hope that you will appreciate our competitive rates. We offer free initial consultations, and we are ready to help you choose the best option for your situation.


You will be able to benefit from our:

  • Local representation

  • Respectful service

  • Personal attention

Make an appointment with us now so that you can receive more information about the law and your options. We service clients throughout the GTA and southern Ontario, so contact us today.


We look forward to fighting for you.

Are you looking to deal with a family law matter without going to court?


We specialize in alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration.

In a great deal of cases following this path as opposed to going to court can save you time, stress and money. 

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Do you have any family matters that require a supportive and collaborative legal partner?