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We are a boutique litigation law firm focused on helping individuals and organizations fight and defend civil actions, family law matters, and criminal charges.



Our boutique litigation firm is resource-rich and committed to achieving our clients’ goals in the areas of family law, criminal defence, and civil litigation.


We are your trusted advisers, protecting your interests, and giving you peace of mind no matter what issues may arise.


We have a loyal client base that recognizes the skill, attentiveness, prudence and sensitivity that our lawyers employ during the resolution of our clients' legal matters.


We deliver large-firm quality and results with the personal attention and cost-effective service of a boutique firm.


We employ leading legal technology to improve your experience, streamline procedures, and curb unnecessary spending. Our technology employs industry-leading encryption and data protection to help ensure your sensitive information is kept safe.

Our advice has been battle tested, so you know it is effective.


We bring a warrior ethos to the practise of law, cultivated from decades of experience with the Canadian Armed Forces.


As a veteran-owned law firm, we take great pride in helping our fellow Canadians achieve their legal objectives. 

Should you have any questions or would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation,

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Our trial advocacy is a sought after skill set.


While a large percentage of criminal matters plead out, an even greater number of civil litigation and family law matters settle without going to trial.


Criminal defence lawyers generally have far greater contested hearing and trial experience than litigators in other areas of law.


Recognizing this, our approach has always been twofold: 


1. We have leveraged the greater trial and contested hearing experience our criminal law practice gives us to great effect in the civil litigation and family law spheres; and


2. As a result, we have never been reluctant to take matters to trial where it is in our clients’ best interest.

The fact is that trial advocacy is a perishable skill. The less of it one has, and how infrequently one practises it, results in a lesser ability to ascertain whether one should take a matter to trial instead of pleading out or settling.


This lack of experience also lowers a lawyer’s confidence in winning at trial, sometimes resulting in counsel advising his client to throw in the towel rather than fighting a fight which can be won.


Put simply, the more time you have on the field of battle, the more confident you will be in your ability to win the fight.


We have that time on the legal battlefield, many lawyers do not.


We have earned our chops in the courtroom - an adversarial environment, requiring a deep understanding of our client’s matter, adaptation to changing circumstances, methodical witness examination, and crafting convincing legal arguments to achieve the best result for our client.


This experience drives our advice.

"Anybody who thinks talk is cheap should get some legal advice."

- Bill Maher



At Da Cruz Sommers LLP, we believe that access to good legal services means making good legal services accessible. Simple.

As a dedicated boutique litigation firm,

we provide services across these core areas:


We offer fair and comprehensive fees that we review in a simple and direct way with you.

In all cases fees and disbursements are fully discussed and reduced to writing. 


We also offer convenient locations across Toronto and the GTA which can be accessed 24/7 and are conveniently located close to public transit routes.


To complement this, we offer flexible meeting options to suit your needs such as virtual, telephone, and in-person appointments  (note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting in-person consultations).


In appropriate cases, our lawyers can come to you.

Please contact us for your free 30 minute consultation to discuss how we can help you. 





Carlos Da Cruz is an experienced lawyer who has studied law in Canada, Australia, and the United States. Having witnessed abuses of state power has motivated him to become a lawyer. While clients and their goals are diverse, Carlos forms a special bond with each client. This cultivation of professional relationships with his clients is what helps separate Carlos from the sea of lawyers. He is a beacon of hope for those who find themselves embroiled in the legal system whether it be criminal, family or civil law issues - Carlos is there to help.


Carlos has also served for nearly two decades in the Canadian Armed Forces, and he currently serves in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve as a Legal Officer with the Office of the Judge Advocate General. In that role he continues to serve this great country by defending soldiers accused of various military offences. He has been instrumental in illuminating various points of vulnerability of the legal system. 


Carlos is an expert litigator. In criminal law, Carlos has received the same training as police do with respect to breathalyzer and drug recognition evaluation - something only few lawyers have. He is a zealous and effective advocate, whether in the courtroom or in the boardroom. In his spare time Carlos enjoys spending time outdoors and quality time with his family.



Daniel Sommers is a problem solver who is passionate about resolving legal issues. He has focused his practice on various aspects of litigation since he was called to the Bar and has appeared before all levels of court in Ontario, as well as the Federal Court of Canada. His passion for the law is evidenced by his agile and asymmetric approach to protecting his clients. 

In addition to running Da Cruz Sommers LLP, Daniel has served in the Canadian Army Reserve as an armour officer and infantry officer, and currently serves as a reserve legal officer with the Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG), fearlessly defending clients at courts martial.

He is an active volunteer, having worked at the executive level of a Federal riding association, and as editor in a national section of the Canadian Bar Association. He also regularly lectures on civil liberties at women's shelters and new immigrant community groups. In addition, he frequently volunteers to help the homeless, as well as Canadian military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


James MacMillan* | Michael Alexander* | Chantalle Sawision* | Diana Mansour


Connie (Corporate) | Christine (Litigation) | Regine (Litigation)

*Practising in association



We are happy to help with your referrals.

Thank you for considering Da Cruz Sommers to assist your client or referral. When you refer to us, please know that we keep two things top of mind: the best interests of the client, and your reputation.


We understand that when we receive a referral, how we handle that person or company is a direct reflection on the referring lawyer, which we consider to be a special trust.

As a litigation firm we are particularly suited to assist clients who have interests across several areas of law.

Please contact us at info@dcsllp.com with any questions or referrals you may have, including our policy on what we pay for referral fees, and we will be delighted to assist.

What we can do for you: 

1. We can handle your trial from start to finish. 

2. We can review or work as a trial counsel in the background and draft briefs.

3. Use our expertise in mediation and arbitration to provide alternative dispute resolution options for your clients. 

A special note for civil litigators:

At Da Cruz Sommers LLP, we pride ourselves on having significantly more trial and contested hearing experience than most other lawyers.


As all of our barristers are expected to do a certain amount of criminal defence work in addition to our civil litigation matters, we have all done dozens if not hundreds of bench and jury trials, and many hundreds of contested bail hearings and motions.


As a result, many lawyers and firms hire us to step in as trial counsel when a matter won’t settle.


Please consider us to assist you with your motions and trials.

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